Stephanie and Adam

Julie is a living fairy godmother! I had a destination wedding in May. It was scheduled to be on the same day as the Kentucky Derby in Kentucky. Julie took my small idea of “playing up” the Derby theme and ran with it in the most imaginative, tasteful way. I was balancing two jobs, working 80+ hours per week, leading up to our wedding, and Julie came in with just a few weeks notice to make decisions and iron out details in the most effortless of ways. There was nothing that she was not willing to handle: wedding dress embellishments, photo booth props, guest book, social media, signature drink menus, bridesmaid luncheon plans, wedding favors, sparkler exit, much, MUCH more. Her talents are many, but above all else, her passion for making others happy is truly infectious! Our day would simply not have been the same without Julie, and we are so thankful to have had her as a part of our wedding day!

Andrea and Greg

Julie was a true blessing to helping coordinate last minute things that came up on the wedding day. Several days before the wedding, a friend of the family who was planning to lend a hand had a death in her family, so we were down on help. Julie stepped in with her bubbly personality and openness to do whatever needed to be done. She is incredibly detail-oriented and artistically gifted, so having her help carry out the vision of decor at the venue, manage a beautiful breakfast/lunch spread for the bride/bridesmaids, and be available when additional things came up, then tear down at the end of the night was such a gift. Julie brings her experience with costume design together with her event planning experience in her daughter’s wedding and takes care of things that you don’t anticipate with so much grace. I told her she should change the name of her company to “I’ll Save Your Special Day” for all the things she stepped in and helped to have go smoothly. She was such a wonderfully integral part of my day and I would whole-heartedly recommend her for yours – Andrea

Julie was a life-saver in helping me with my daughter’s wedding. Even though I had spent a year planning for this special day, there were still things which needed an extra set of hands in those last weeks before the wedding. Julie was organized and took charge of all the last-minute details that came up. From preparing a day-of breakfast to hunting down last-minute corsages, it was so reassuring to have someone to take the stress out of my day. I would highly recommend Julie to help you with any event you might want to plan. – Peggy (mother of the bride)

Samantha and Bryan

We used Julie for our Day of Coordinator for our wedding in SW Michigan. Originally we were on the fence about getting a coordinator, but couldn’t be happier that we did. Julie was great to work with and is extremely organized. From the first time we met with her, we realized there was a lot of things that she thought of that we hadn’t. She did a lot more work than just showing up the day of. She worked with us to set up the timeline for the day and was great about reaching out to all of the vendors so that the day went off without a hitch. It was really nice not having to deal with all of the small details during the day. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned so having someone there to deal with the changes is really nice. We were able to just focus on having fun! She showed up early to get everything set up and was great at checking in throughout the day to make sure everything was going how we wanted it and had everything set up perfectly. We would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Morgan and Carrie

Julie was amazing!!! We had a weekend wedding, very detailed and mainly out of state guests. It was a relief to know that Julie would be there every step of the way and that my parents, my new hubby and I could relax and enjoy the entire weekend. Our perfect day was perfect because Julie was there – I can’t thank her enough!

First, I have to say what an amazing job Julie did as my daughter and son-in-laws “Day of Wedding Coordinator” on their wedding day. As an event/wedding coordinator myself, I know what it takes to pull off that “ Perfect Day” you need to be organized, patient, kind, and knowledgeable of what the couple wants to portray on their special day. Honestly it is not as glamorous of a job as you might think in fact it is tremendous amount of work to pull together a wedding and living out of State it gave us peace of mind that the details of the day where being handled — Julie was worth every penny we spent to be a “Guest” at what turned out to be our daughter’s fairytale wedding.

-Brides mom

Soma and Kellan

My wife and I live in New York City, but planned a wedding on my wife’s parents’ property in Fremont, Michigan. My wife and I are do-it-yourself types, so when my sister recommended Julie as a day-of planner, we weren’t sure what sort of expertise she would bring to the table that we didn’t already possess. We already had a vision for what we wanted to do and had already booked most of our vendors, but in the end decided it couldn’t hurt to hire a day-of planner with local knowledge to coordinate last-minute details. By the end of the wedding, Julie proved her worth (and mettle) in no uncertain terms. I’m not sure we could have pulled it all off without her help. Julie met with us and the caterer four weeks before the wedding and pretty much single-handedly put together a custom list of all the things we didn’t know we still needed to do (like assigning someone to preorder and pick up ice in bulk) and offered us amazing suggestions of things that fit naturally into the theme of our wedding (s’mores for the late-night campfire). She communicated with us continuously in the weeks leading up to the wedding and kept us on our toes, reminding us to take care of obligations and to dole out remaining tasks. For the wedding itself Julie went above and beyond. She showed up a day early for the rehearsal and somehow made our bumbling, hungover wedding parties look as disciplined as Navy SEALS. She stayed the night in Fremont and was on site early the next day to arrange the table settings and get everything and everybody in line. She was flexible with last minute changes and seemed to appear out of thin air whenever she was needed. Both my family and my wife’s have chronic problems with sticking to schedules and getting places on time, but somehow the wedding progressed along the exact timeline Julie helped us lay out. Coming from NYC, where competition is fierce and there are a hundred qualified wedding planners for every one in West Michigan, I can confidently say that had we held the event back home, we still would have picked Julie as our day-of planner. She’s just that good.


Working with Julie was a great decision! We discussed whether or not we needed to have a coordinator but it was 100% worth it. She was available for questions well before the day of, and helped us navigate what ended up being quite a few wedding issues that were totally out of our control (weather, etc). And then on the day she made everything easier by getting the vendors coordinated and taking care of every detail!